Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Deam PC Journal w/ Pen Holder

On the Bliss Journal I used a leftover tile from the Polymer Clay journal I did last year pictured here. For the Dream PC Journal, I started with brown clay ran through a pasta machine at setting 2. Then using a template cut from freezer paper, I cut two pieces of clay to the desired size. I then baked at manufacturer instructions. Once cooled, I used the Bind-It-All machine to punch the holes for the binding for the front and back cover. I cut another template (same size as the cover again) from freezer paper to mark out where I wanted the decorative tiles and to measure the size each tile would need to be. I then cut out the individual shapes to make the polymer clay tiles. Some tiles I stamped with Staz On! Black or automotive protectant spray before baking to make an impression in the clay. Some I stamped after baking with Staz On! Black for a flat image. All tiles were then glued to the cover as seen in the picture. I covered the tiles with Diamond Glaze to get a glassy finish. The teal between the tiles is Diamond Glaze and a pearlized re-inker painted on the brown clay. The bead pen holder is a polymer clay bead with elastic cord that holds the pen on the journal. Enjoy...............

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