Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy Accident

Greetings All! Okay, so I am suppose to be doing my taxes today, but who wants to do taxes when you can craft and blog, right? So, I am sharing my happy accident from this weekend.....

I have been working on a Life Journal and wanted to include some pocket pages, so I started covering a plain cheep file folder (20 cents sale! Woohoo, I love sales!). I get to the finished piece and say "Why would I want to cover this up?" So, I have new journal cover and I am still in process of locating and making the pockets for my life journal. Let me know what you think!

I started with a school type file folder and cut along the fold and then along the top to preserve the pocket on the inside. The size is 9.75"L x 7"W. I had some old scrapbook papers that I started with and just kept adding elements until I was satisfied. The stamped images are from Stampin' Up Travel Sketchbook stamping set. The middle image matted with black cardstock is a thin piece of gold polymer clay, stamped with Staz On! black and then baked at manufacturers instructions. This was a leftover tile from the polymer clay journal I designed last year.

This is the inside with the pocket still in tact.

This is the back cover of the journal.

I still need to bind it and add the inside note paper. I will post a picture later of the finished journal. Please let me know if you have any questions about any post, I will be happy to answer. Be safe! Enjoy..............

Deam PC Journal w/ Pen Holder

On the Bliss Journal I used a leftover tile from the Polymer Clay journal I did last year pictured here. For the Dream PC Journal, I started with brown clay ran through a pasta machine at setting 2. Then using a template cut from freezer paper, I cut two pieces of clay to the desired size. I then baked at manufacturer instructions. Once cooled, I used the Bind-It-All machine to punch the holes for the binding for the front and back cover. I cut another template (same size as the cover again) from freezer paper to mark out where I wanted the decorative tiles and to measure the size each tile would need to be. I then cut out the individual shapes to make the polymer clay tiles. Some tiles I stamped with Staz On! Black or automotive protectant spray before baking to make an impression in the clay. Some I stamped after baking with Staz On! Black for a flat image. All tiles were then glued to the cover as seen in the picture. I covered the tiles with Diamond Glaze to get a glassy finish. The teal between the tiles is Diamond Glaze and a pearlized re-inker painted on the brown clay. The bead pen holder is a polymer clay bead with elastic cord that holds the pen on the journal. Enjoy...............
I had to share the Halloween card that I assisted my mom with. I designed the pumpkin and the ghost, which is cut from cardstock. Then attached googlie eyes on the back to show through. She wanted a really cute ghost to go with the saying she found for the inside of the card. Enjoy......

Friday, January 25, 2008

Composition Journal

Greetings All! I just finished watching Tim Holtz new vidoes on his blog. WOW! Always impressed with his work and products. Check it out, great products. Now I get to do what all girls love doing..... uh......shopping! What did you think I meant?? :0)

Hope you enjoy today's project. This is a composition notebook that I covered with Stampin'Up (C) Cardstock and then painted with my own original design. Before I painted the cardstock, I printed it with a scripture verse and then using an oval stencil,chalked in some shadow. I have made a number of these with different designs and will continue to post more as I make them.

On a TV note..... Chuck was awesome last night! I am a geek at heart! If you have not caught the show yet, you have missed out! Be safe all! Enjoy.... :0)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Photo Journals

Greetings all! I have been busy making some stamped journals. The stamps and cardstock I used are from Stamping Up. The top two covers are made from a paper towel techinque. This technique makes for a nice painting surface, as well. The purple album is a wax resist on glossy cardstock method. I used cereal boxes as book board cut to size. When covered with card stock it becomes heavy enough to hold up. Enjoy! :0)