Thursday, February 28, 2008

Copper Tape, Fast Food & Ventriloquists......

I love copper tape! I found some more at my local hardware store that is larger (1.25") width than the normal 1/4" tape. So, I am looking at the tape and my pen on my desk....that tape will go around the pen almost perfectly. Now I have a copper pen...what works with copper, alcohol inks of course! Once I was said and done with the nice little pen that never did anything but work correctly for me, it was covered in Mini Micro Beads. I am sure someone, somewhere, somehow has thought about doing this to their pens too, but I had so much fun, so much in fact I never took a picture of the process. So, I guess I will just have to repeat the process to provide a step-by-step with pictures. Oh darn! I did, however, take a picture of all of the beaded pens that I completed. Pictures never do them justice though. The copper tape pen is the Multi Red Pen third from the right. Now, I get to make journals or notebooks to go with them. Woohoo!

Fast food, it's fast and that's about it. I have been making burgers with 93% Lean beef on a Forman grill. Never thought of the grease difference....will in the future though. Let's just say always choose homemade lean burgers over the "Fast" variety. Another day of learning on my pathway lighted with points.

On a funny note....anyone seen Jeff Dunham? If you haven't and you like comedians or ventriliquist's, check out his web site. He has two DVD's that are the best comedy DVD I have ever seen. My favorite dummy is Jose Jalapeno on a Steek and my newest love is Achmed! Funny Stuff!! Enjoy.................

Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Addiction

Glass Micro Beads are so YUMMY! They are what I like to call crafting sugar. I will post pictures of projects with the micro beads once they are completed. BTW, I have found a wonderful company to obtain these beads, Penny Wise Arts. They have all colors and their tape is the best on the market for beading. I ordered on Monday and received the order on Thursday. The best shipping time for any company I shop with. They are at the top of my recommendation list. Also, they have archived on-line classes that have so much information and fun projects. You will get addicted too!

On to today's is a wax resist card with paper clay embellishment. I stamped glossy cardstock with black Staz On, then proceeded with the wax resist technique. The embellishment is made of paper clay. To make a raised image instead of a depressed image from a stamp, take a ball of conditioned scrap polymer clay and press the stamp of choice into the clay. Make sure you have coated your stamp with cornstarch or automotive protectant spray first, which will act as a release agent. Once the image is deeply impressed, remove the stamp and bake the clay at manufacturer instructions. Once cooled, powder the mold you have made with baby powder, making sure it is well coated. Take a ball of paper clay and press it into the mold. Carefully remove the clay and let it dry over night. You now have raised image made from your stamp. Please let me know if you have any questions. Also, I apologize that the picture is a little blurred. I scanned this one. Enjoy....

Monday, February 11, 2008

Journey to Change a Lifestyle.....

I never thought that I would enjoy Weight Watchers. Counting points, journaling, measuring, focused on what I can't have, meetings, weekly commitments...doesn't sound great does it. After eight weeks I can now say Weight Watchers is awesome. I have lost 20 lbs so far! It is easier than I thought it would be. I actually enjoy counting points. The best part is I am now in control!

Today I ate KFC and the whole time I kept seeing how many points each chicken leg and serving of mashed potatoes would be. 12 points, 9 points, etc. Not comfort food any longer! So, I have found a new comfort food, which is Progresso Zero point soup and a Lean Cuisine Panini. Tons of flavor and no grease, no guilt!

After today, I can now say that my lifestyle is changing, for the better. It's not so much the weight, it's the feeling of taking control of my life and making changes. I have so much more to go, but the path is lighted with points along the way.


What do you do with a stained tank? You paint it of course! I believe we have all had that elusive, where did it come from (maybe you know) stain on a favorite shirt. My mom had a tank that she wanted to wear, but it had stains on it. Of course, I don't have a before picture, but here is the after. She has now almost worn out this tank, so I will need to paint another for her. She shows it to everyone and yes, she is biased.

This is about 6 years old now. I used SoSoft Fabric paint which I love. It stays soft and flexible. Washing is a breeze and it still looks the same as the day I painted it. Now, I want to try Plaid's fabric paint. Off to the store for more shopping! Enjoy.....

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Here Kitty, Kitty.......

I now have four, yes four, cats. My newest is Missy. She actually adopted us. We opened the door and she came running in. Needless to say we had kitty chaos for a little while. Tike and JB were protecting their home and Max, well, lets just say he runs from water bugs. She sized him up quickly. Hopefully, I will have pictures of my newest addition soon.

My old man, Max, now likes to sit on my chest at odd times, while I paint, blog and eat usually. I actually had to fight to eat my pizza and hamburger forget it. You would think I don't feed him. Also, open any fish can and you will be lucky to survive. He wants to believe that he is King, but really he is just a drama queen. His favorite past time is chasing JB, because JB runs from him, which in turns gets Tike to chase Max and fight ensues. Most of the time, we live in peace, but if Max is on a tantrum...everyone watch out. He loves to kiss up to the others and then turn and smack them on the head. Sneaky one he is.

Tike is my enforcer and protects his brother JB. JB never did see well from the time he was born, so this is a good thing. JB can jump though. He judges the area twice and then clears it. The highest I have seen is 5 feet 6 inches. I took them as a package deal, which I would do again in a heartbeat. They are my beautiful boys. Tyke has now taken to protecting Missy, so all is well on the home front and everyone, in this minute, is living peacefully.

Hope you enjoy today's project. The happiness card is made from paper towel art. I used Stampin' Up stamps for the images. I have two different cards pictured. The stamped images are pretty much the same, but the paper towel background will never be the same. Even if you use the same colors, I have never gotten the same results. The paper towel paper works for stamped images and painted images. Scroll below to see a short overview of the process. I have also used this image on a journal in an earlier post, the brown leather-look journal posted last month.

I am currently in the middle of a bid war for a retired SU set Gentler Times, so I am off to wield my bid sword. Enjoy.....

Paper Towel Art
1. Place at least three colors of acrylic paint in plastic cups or bowls and add water to thin. The thinner consistency, the lighter the color will be when done.
2. Cover your work surface with newspaper and then freezer paper (plastic side up).
3. Fold a paper towel (I have found plain Viva works best) in half, then half again, then half again, then half again....keep folding until you have about a 2-inch square (you can fold the towel in any shape, experiment to your heart's content).
4. Dip one corner in one paint color, lightly squeeze excess back into cup. Dip next corner in another color, lightly squeeze excess back into cup. Dip the next corner into another color... keep going until the paper towel is covered with color. Allow the colors to bleed into each other. Only thing is, make sure the towel is completely covered.
5. Unfold the paper towel, working carefully not to tear the towel.
6. Lay the towel either on the freezer paper or on an old clean window screen to dry.
7. Once dried completely, some of the 2-ply towels will pull apart to make two sheets. If this does not work, just use it as one sheet.
8. Mix tacky glue and water (reminds me of thin ranch dressing).
9. At this point you need to decide if you want the towel to be one complete sheet or if you want to tear different sheets into smaller pieces to layer. If you are layering, you will need a sheet of white cardstock to layer the pieces on for stability. Put this cardstock on your freezer paper. If you want just one complete sheet, lay the paper towel on the plastic side of the freezer paper.
10. Paint the glue mix on the towel and cover the towel completely. I use a soft flat brush, the form brush will tear the towel. If you are using pieces, treat them as you would decoupage.
11. When covered, set aside to dry completely on the freezer paper.
12. Once dry, peel the sheet from the freezer paper. It is ready to be painted, stamped (with Staz-on) and written on. Some of my favorite pens are Sharpies, glitter markers and wite-out pens. The texture is ruff, so do not use your good pens. You can cut it to any size and glue it to anything.
13. For a leather look, stop after step 6. You will need to leave the towel whole 2-ply and all. I iron the sheet with a low temp iron using an over-cloth if needed. This flattens out the towel and it becomes softer, almost suede like. To use this for a journal or card, just cut to the desired size and glue it to your project. I use Yes! paste for this which has less water. Once glued, you can stamp and embellish. If you want to paint on it, you will need to spray seal it first with matte spray.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Friday, February 1, 2008


As I have finished the Bliss Journal with the Bind It All machine I guess you could say it is Finished Friday, but I will never be finished creating. I photocopied a piece of notebook paper on Ivory paper to make lined inserts for the journal. The lines are very faint, so they will not show up on a picture. Now, I will be completing my life journal, I say this because I am not going to let this be another half done project. Everyone has that elusive project(s) that you cannot find the finished end to.

On a side note, I have been getting my video game fix this week with playing Halo3. Just a vice that allows me to kick some butt. What is frustrating is knowing that an eight year old has just kicked my butt! What is sad it eight years that are playing on-line at 2 am in the morning. Where are their parents?!

I am off to look for some more Stampin' Up stamps to buy and play Halo3. Enjoy.......