Monday, February 11, 2008

Journey to Change a Lifestyle.....

I never thought that I would enjoy Weight Watchers. Counting points, journaling, measuring, focused on what I can't have, meetings, weekly commitments...doesn't sound great does it. After eight weeks I can now say Weight Watchers is awesome. I have lost 20 lbs so far! It is easier than I thought it would be. I actually enjoy counting points. The best part is I am now in control!

Today I ate KFC and the whole time I kept seeing how many points each chicken leg and serving of mashed potatoes would be. 12 points, 9 points, etc. Not comfort food any longer! So, I have found a new comfort food, which is Progresso Zero point soup and a Lean Cuisine Panini. Tons of flavor and no grease, no guilt!

After today, I can now say that my lifestyle is changing, for the better. It's not so much the weight, it's the feeling of taking control of my life and making changes. I have so much more to go, but the path is lighted with points along the way.

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