Friday, March 30, 2012

No More Headaches! Art Journal Entry

I wanted to share my art journal entry for this two week challenge from Art Journaling Ning site. This challenge was to document the mundane and make it beautiful.  Using our watercolors was part of the challenge as well. I chose my Lemon Verbena Hand Soap that I get at my local Dollar Tree store.  I have such a hard time finding soaps, lotions, perfumes, hair spray, shampoo, etc. that does not give me a headache.  It is a beautiful thing when I find that product.

Here is the run down. I hand drew the bottle of my lemon soap in pencil, then I used a grey watercolor and a 00 liner and went over some of the lines and around the label area to "pop" the white label of the bottle. I used this same grey to shadow the bottom of the drawing. I tried to use the white of the paper as much as possible for the white needed for highlight.  The white of the label is just the paper with no paint.  I am happy to say that I preserved the label and was able to paint the lemons and leaves with watercolor without any bleeding of the paint. First time for me. I used a black pen (Prisma 005 and 03) and a green marker (Stamping Up!) to finish out the label.

For the rest of the background I used watercolor in blue and yellow and slapped on the colors.  I used a paper towel dipped in the watercolors and sponged all over the page.  I did mask off the drawing area creating a frame of color.  I then used a broad tip black marker (Prisma) and "framed" the drawing.  I used a BIC pen, Prisma pens and the green marker to journal.  The additional leaves are stamped in Stazon Black.

I truly enjoyed this challenge.  I am looking forward to the next challenge.  April I believe is Paula aka Journal Artista. 


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